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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-27 08:29|

    Zikison - BEST - Electronic Library Comics Press zikison -最佳-电子图书馆漫画新闻

    Zikison - BEST - Biblioteka Elektronskog Strip Tiska / Electronic Library Comics Press zikison -最佳- bi bliotekael ektronskog带提斯卡山/电子图书馆漫画新闻
    Dear Friends,亲爱的朋友们,
    This Web site is for everyone who is in the blood and heart 9.这个网站是为每个人究竟是谁在血液和心脏9 。 Art or comics strip, for those who are charged a touch of nostalgia and remember how fascinating smell when the printed paper in the form of comics buy a kiosk.艺术或漫画地带,对于谁是落案控告一名接触的怀念和记得是如何迷人的气味时,印在文件的形式,漫画,购买亭。 Fascinating designers made by hand in the form of our unforgettable heroes, composed of rectangle and balloons.迷人的设计师所作出的,另一方面,在形式,我们难忘的英雄,组成的矩形和气球。 If you have not forgotten that there are miracles, certainly is not lost, you are in the right place!如果您有没有忘记,有创造奇迹,当然是没有失去,你是在正确的地方!
    We'll try to get to interesting titles strip editions, which were out on the ground exYU, of course with the permission of authors editions.我们会尝试去有趣的书籍带的版本,分别列于地面exyu ,当然征得作者的版本。 On this occasion to thank the authors who have allowed us to this edition that are before you, and authors who have promised to send us some titles and authors who certainly will take the road of their colleagues and also to join the Electronic Library Press Comics, or shorter, Žikišon - BEST.在这一场合,感谢作者谁使我们这版是之前,你和作者谁已答应给我们一些书籍和作者谁一定会采取的道路和他们的同事也加入电子图书馆,新闻漫画,或短, žikišon -最好的。
    Inform all interested to send your release and work on the lower contact e-mail addresses, for Žikišon-BEST, DUGA DEVETKA, IKAR and KIKS.通知所有有兴趣来发送您的释放和工作,对在较低的联系电子邮件地址,为žikišon -最佳, duga devetka , ikar和kiks 。 We welcome you and wish you a cozy room on your site Žikišon-BEST-a.我们欢迎你,并祝你一个舒适的房间在您的网站上žikišon -最好的一个。
    Comics Editor: Franja Straka漫画编辑: franja straka
    fstraka@eunet.rs fstraka@eunet.rs
    Webmaster: Sky Seeker管理员:天空导引
    avala7000@yahoo.com avala7000@yahoo.com
    Director & Editor & Design, www.zikison.net: Zoran Matic Mazos, Paracin, SERBIA董事及编辑与设计, www.zikison.net :卓然专题mazos ,帕拉钦,塞尔维亚
    Contact E-mail:联络电子邮件:
    zikison.mazos@gmail.com zikison.mazos @ gmail.com
    caricature.comics@gmail.com caricature.comics @ gmail.com
    Web & Blog:网络&博客:
    comics-stripovi-exyu.blogspot.com漫画- stripovi - exyu.blogspot.com

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-27 17:06|

    spirito模具酒-2 008年

    Cartoon theme: Spirit of Wine 漫画主题:精神的葡萄酒
    Deadline: 29th August 2008 截止日期: 2008年8月29日
    Prizes: 1st Prize 150 bottles 奖品:第一奖150瓶
    2nd Prize 100 bottles 第二奖100瓶
    3rd Prize 50 bottles 第三奖50瓶
    Number of entries: Max 3 项目的数目:最大3
    All young artists who are at least 所有的年轻艺术家,谁是至少
    eighteen years old and no more than thirty-five years old on 18岁及随后不超过三十五年岁就
    their birth day in the calendar year 2008 shall be eligible to 他们的出生日期在日历年到2008年应资格
    take part in the competition. 采取的一部分,在竞争中。 The jury rewards works pre 陪审团奖励工程预
    viously exhibited or published and works previously submitted viously展出或出版及工务局以前提交
    to other competitions. 其他比赛。
    Digital: Yes 数字:是的
    Format: Max 30x40 cm, free technique 格式:最大30x40厘米,免费技术
    Workes returned: No workes返回:无
    Exhibition: unknown 展览:不明
    Free catalogue: Yes, for every selected entrants 免费目录:是的,每一个选定的参赛者
    Copyright issues: The authors of the works shall grant 版权问题:作者的作品,应给予
    without charge to the Movimento 未经指控向运动
    Turismo del Vino - Friuli Venezia Giulia the publication 旅游恢复酒-弗留利威尼斯朱利亚出版
    rights and sole rights to the images, which will not be returned. 权利和唯一的权利的图像,这将不予退还。
    Otherwise, the worksshall be considered to have been 否则, worksshall视为已被
    donated to the Movimento Turismo del Vino - Friuli Venezia 捐赠给运动旅游恢复酒-弗留利威尼斯
    Giulia. 朱利亚。 The artists shall, however, retain the copyright to the 艺术家应,不过,保留版权向
    works with regard to third parties who, subject to authorisation, 工程方面,第三次缔约方谁,须经授权,
    may apply to reuse the works. 可申请重用工程。
    Address: Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli 地址:运动旅游恢复酒弗留利
    Venezia Giulia, Via del Partidor, 7 威尼斯朱利亚,通过删除partidor , 7
    33100 Udine- Italy. 33100乌迪内-意大利。
    www.mtvfriulivg.it www.mtvfriulivg.it
    Informations: Tel. 信息:电话。 0432.289540 0432.289540
    Fax. 传真。 0432.294021 0432.294021
    spiritodivino@mtvfriulivg.it spiritodivino@mtvfriulivg.it
    www.mtvfriulivg.it www.mtvfriulivg.it

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-27 17:12|


    "VALLE DE ABURRÁ" “山谷德aburrá ”
    Cartoon theme: A) Women power, B) Free 漫画主题: a )妇女的权力,二)免费
    Deadline: 15st September 2008 截止日期: 15st 2008年9月
    Prizes: 1st Grand Prix: US$ 1.000 奖品:第一大奖赛:美国一点零零零美元
    that they support the Universidad 他们支持大学
    de Medellín and the Commercial Center Los Molinos 德麦德林和商业中心,洛杉矶molinos
    2st Special prizes 2st特别奖
    offered by various institutions. 所提供的各种机构。
    3st Special mentions 3st特别提到
    Number of entries: Max, 3 per theme 项目的数目:最大, 3 %的主题
    Original cartoons or digital images 原来的漫画或数字图像
    signed by the artist (no photography). 签署了由艺术家(没有摄影) 。 Works previously 工程以前
    published or awarded are accepted 发表或获接纳
    Digital: Unknown 数字:不明
    Format: Max 297mm x 420mm, 格式:最高二九七毫米x四二〇毫米,
    Works returned: No 工程传回:没有
    Exhibition: ? 展览: ?
    Free catalogue: Unknown 免费目录:不明
    Copyright issues: ? 版权问题: ?
    Address: 4ª Muestra Mundial de Caricatura 地址: 4 ª muestra全世界caricatura
    "Valle de Aburrá" - Colombia, Carrera 55 # 49-51 “山谷德aburrá ” -哥伦比亚,为C arrera5 5# 4 9-51
    Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana-Departamento de 大学autónoma拉丁美洲-部德
    Bienestar Universitario - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia bienestar universitario -麦德林-安蒂奥基亚省-哥伦比亚
    Informations: Tel.:270 77 24 - 5112199, 信息:电话:二七零七七二四-5 112199,
    ext. 电话分机。 134 y cel. 134 y细胞。 314 7771291 三一四七七七一二九一

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-27 17:14|


    Cartoon theme: 1-the portrait caricature: 漫画主题: 1 -肖像漫画:
    "Zikison" without words “ zikison : ”没有的话
    2 - Cartoons: free theme 2 -漫画:免费的主题
    3 - Comic strip: free theme 3 -连环画:免费的主题
    Deadline: No deadline, permanent exhibition 截止日期:没有截止日期,常设展
    Prizes: The first award in each of three 奖品:第一奖,每3
    categories-a presentation on a particular page on the site 分类-介绍了某一特定网页在该网站上
    www.artija.net and kiks (caricature and short cartoon) www.artija.net和kiks (漫画和短期卡通)
    Number of entries: Unlimited 输入条目数量:无限
    Original cartoons only. 原来的漫画只。 Works previously exhibited or submitted 工程以前,展示或提交
    to other competitions and exhibitions are excluded from 其他竞赛和展览被排除
    this competition -are accepted. 这个竞争是接受。 Works previously awarded in 工程以前批出
    any other contest are excluded from this competition -are 任何其他竞赛是被排斥在这个竞争是
    accepted. 接受。 Works previously published are excluded from this 工程以前出版的被排除在这
    competition-are accepted 竞争是接受
    Digital: Yes, but the print out must be 数字:是的,但打印出来,必须
    signed by the artist 签署了由艺术家
    Format: Max 297mm x 420mm 格式:最高二九七毫米x四二〇毫米
    Works returned: 1. 工程返回: 1 。 No, 2. 没有, 2 。 unknown 未知
    3. 3 。 Yes, for every selected entrants 是的,每一个选定的参赛者
    Exhibition: ? 展览: ?
    Free catalogue: 1. 免费目录: 1 。 No, 2. 没有, 2 。 unknown 未知
    3. 3 。 Yes, for every selected entrants 是的,每一个选定的参赛者
    Copyright issues: ? 版权问题: ?
    Address: Kneza Ive od Semberije 20, 地址: kneza香港专业教育学院的OD semberije 20 ,
    35250 Paracin / Serbia 35250帕拉钦/塞尔维亚
    Informations: zikison.mazos@gmail.com 信息: zikison.mazos @ gmail.com
    caricature.comics@gmail.com caricature.comics @ gmail.com
    www.zikison.net, www.artija.net www.zikison.net , www.artija.net

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-27 17:20|

    巴西    CA RTOON ‘ S CA台湾rtoon奇摩     YEAR 年     BOOK 书   - -   2 0 0 8 二○ ○八     RULES 规则

    Brazilcartoon’s Yearbook is an original initiative that will gather the best humor drawings of 2008 exhibited on “the best day’s humor”. brazilcartoon的年鉴是一个原始的倡议,将聚集的最佳幽默的图纸2008年上展示“最好的一天的幽默” 。 The yearbook will be printed and will have attached to it a DVD containing the drawings in high quality for printing. 年鉴将刊印,并会重视它的DVD含有的图纸,在高品质印刷。 Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008 will have all drawings and their respective authors, their names, e-mail or the author’s website. brazilcartoon的国际年鉴, 2008年将有所有图纸和各自的作者,他们的姓名,电子邮件或作者的网站。
    1- Why to participate? 1 -为什么要参加?
    Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008 will be released nationally and internationally and a lot of people will see it. brazilcartoon的国际年鉴, 2008年将被释放在国内和国际上和不少人会看到它。 Besides, it will be a historical document on the drawings of humor. 此外,这将是一个历史文件,图纸幽默。
    2- What to send? 2 -什么派?
    Cartoons that deal with a universal subject will be accepted, which means cartoons with no texts. 漫画处理具有普遍性的问题会被接受,这意味着漫画没有文本。 The theme is free, however only cartoons that do not contain any kind of discrimination, be it religious, ethinic or pornographic will be accepted. 主题是免费的,但是只有漫画,但不包含任何形式的歧视,无论是宗教, ethinic或色情会被接受。 Another category is Caricature and illustration following the same criteria just mentioned. 另一类是漫画和插图以下相同的标准刚才提到的。 The caricatured ones must be people internationally known at sports, politics, culture, etc. All techniques will be accepted, since the works are sent digitally. 该caricatured那些必须以人国际知名的体育,政治,文化等所有技术将被接受,由于该工程是发送数字。
    3- How to send the works? 3 -如何发送的工程呢?
    All information must be provided so that we avoid frauds: Full name, address, picture, short biography, e-mail. 所有资料必须提供,这样我们才能避免欺诈行为:全名,地址,图片,短传,电子邮件。 Send to anuario@brazilcartoon.com 发送给anuario@brazilcartoon.com
    Note: The same drawing must be sent through the system “The Best Day’s Humor” which is available at Brazilcartoon Home Page. 注:同一绘图必须送交通过该系统的“最好的一天的幽默” ,这是可在brazilcartoon首页。
    4- Format: 4 -格式:
    All works must be sent through e-mail: 300 DPIs, color mode RGB, JPG format. 所有工程必须通过电子邮件发送: 300 dpis ,色彩模式的RGB , JPG格式。 Limit 20 x 限额20 × 17 cm 一十七厘米 . 。
    5- Number of works: 5 -有多少工程:
    Candidates are allowed to send one work a day. 候选人能够发送一工作一天。 Everyday Brazilcartoon will select three works (caricature, cartoon, Illustration) from different authors that will be part of the gallery “Yearbook 每天brazilcartoon将选择三个工程(漫画,卡通,插图)由不同的作者认为,将部分的画廊“年鉴 2008” 2008年“ . 。
    6- Selection: 6 -选择:
    Participants selected for the Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008, will have the right of receiving a DVD, which will be sent through the mail service. 与会者选定为brazilcartoon的国际年鉴2008年,将有权利接受的DVD ,其中将被派往通过邮件服务。 The author must request it and he or she will pay only for the mail expenses. 作者必须要求和他或她将只需要支付邮寄费用。
    7- Purchasing it: 7 -购买:
    Brazilcartoon will sell the yearbooks to provide income for its production. brazilcartoon将出售该年鉴提供的收入供其生产。 If you are interested in buying it, please contact us through e-mail: anuario@brazilcartoon.com or by phone 38 – 3216-1109. 如果您有兴趣购买,请与我们联系,通过电子邮箱: anuario@brazilcartoon.com或利用电话38 -3 216-1109。
    8- Deadline: 8 -截止日期:
    The drawings may be sent to: 图纸,可以将意见发送到:
    anuario@brazilcartoon.com anuario@brazilcartoon.com  

    from February 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2008. 从2008年2月1日至2008年12月31日。
    9- Copyright: 九-版权:
    From the moment the participant sent the drawings to us, he or she transfers their works so that they be part of the Brazilcartoon’s International Yearbook 2008 without any kind of charge for that. 从目前的参与者发送的图纸给我们,他或她转让他们的作品,使他们的一部分,该brazilcartoon的国际年鉴2008年没有任何形式的收费。 The drawings may be used for any kind of publicity concerning to the yearbook. 图纸可用于任何形式的宣传有关,以年鉴。
    Brazilcartoon wishes that all cartoonists have a lot of sucess in 2008, because brazilcartoon的意愿,所有的漫画家有很多成功的在2008年,因为
    our mission is to publicize the humor drawings as much as the cartoonist. 我们的使命是为宣传幽默图纸高达漫画家。

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-29 10:29|


    标题的竞争是斯图加特奖2009年 卡通和漫画。  这个专题是'热情旅行' 。
    2.  竞赛是开放给专业人士,以及半专业 漫画家和caricaturists 。  
    3.  截止日期为收到的艺术作品是2008年11月5日  在斯图加特营销有限责任公司。
    4 .  每个艺术家可以提交最多3漫画和最多3件漫画,即1的总人数六工程。
    5.  最小尺寸的作品是要210 x 297毫米。
    6.最大尺寸是要297 x 420毫米。  艺术品是要 提交无帧和未。  技术:没有任何限制。
    7.  原创作品外,签署的副本,并创造数位化的工程将 接受。  要求数字作品:最低300dpi/din  第5条;颜色代表:的RGB ;格式: JPEG或PDF 。  交货 电子邮箱:高达5MB的百分之邮件。
    8 .  文字漫画,可以编译在任何语言你喜欢。 然而,翻译在英语或德语,也应 封闭。
    9 .  艺术家的姓名,地址,电子邮件帐户,及电话号码 必须表现出对后面的每个工作。  在案件参赛作品经
    10.  短传艺术家和一张照片, (或自漫画)应检附。 11 。  作品必须是真正的工作的艺术家。
    12 .  该奖得主将取决于一个公正的陪审团,而 确保不愿透露姓名的。
    13 .  第一奖: € 5000第二奖: € 3000第三奖: € 2000年 此外,还有将10个特别奖。
    14 .  获奖作品将成为财产 斯图加特-营销有限责任公司。
    15 .选定的作品将展示。  此外,竞争 目录将公布。  每一个艺术家,谁拥有的工作中 展览或在该目录将获得免费的副本,该 目录。
    16 .  这是计划拍卖选定的工程有一个良好的事业, 只要参加者并没有明确拒绝 拍卖所提交的工程时,登记为 竞争。
    17.  返回的原创作品,是唯一可能在作者的 明确要求在时间进入在竞争中。
    18.  与会者在竞争中许可证的组织者公布 工程所提交的,他们用于非商业用途,在 涉嫌与竞争。
    19 .  进入工程的竞争参与者 自动同意的条款和条件 参与。  这是明确提到的事实,即 作者从而也同意该展览的他/她
    截止日期: 2008年11月5日
    地址斯图加特营销GmbH公司参考: “斯图加特奖2009 ”
    lautenschlagerstrasse 3个D - 70173 Stuttgart ,德国
    参赛作品通过电子邮件stuttgart-award@stuttgart-tourist.de 。

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  • 老土发表于2008-08-29 13:24|


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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-31 19:39|

    himal southasian国际漫画创作比赛

    Theme : "Dramatic Divide: The distance between the powerful and the powerless." 主题 : “戏剧性的鸿沟:之间的距离,强大的和无能为力” 。

    Competition eligibility : Open to all, as long as the topic is relevant to Southasia. 竞争的资格 :向所有人开放,只要把题目是有关南亚。

    Format : Single or strip; colour or black & white accepted 格式 :单人或带;彩色或黑白接受

    Number of entries : Maximum of three cartoon entries. 项目的数目 :最多3漫画作品。 While the cartoons can be original or already published, this must be clearly indicated with each entry.而漫画可原件或已出版的,这一点必须明确表示,与每个项目。

    Language : If there is text, any Southasian language acceptable with English translation. 语言 :如果有文字,任何southasian能接受的语文与英语翻译。

    Send via : e-mail to editorial@himalmag.com or 通过发送 :电子邮件或editorial@himalmag.com

    by post to : 邮寄到 :

    Himal Southasian himal southasian
    c/o Surabhi Pudasaini c / O的茹阿比pudasaini
    GPO BOX 24393邮政总局信箱24393
    Kathmandu, Nepal在尼泊尔加德满都

    Technical details : For entries submitted by e-mail 技术细节 :参赛作品提交的电子邮件
    1. 1 。 Size: 800 (pixels) X 1100 (Pixels) with 100 dpi resolution尺寸: 800 (像素) × 1100 (像素)与100分辨率
    2. 2 。 Image format: JPEG or Bitmap图片格式: JPEG或点阵图
    3. 3 。 Colour System: RGB彩色系统:的RGB

    For entries submitted by post: 为参赛作品提交的帖子:
    1. 1 。 Each entry must be no larger than an A4 size sheet.每个条目必须不大于1 A4大小表。

    Nominations : Third-party submissions of entries are accepted if they are accompanied by the written consent of the cartoonist. 提名 :第三党提交的参赛作品是接受,如果他们都伴随的书面同意,漫画家。

    Other required information : All entrants must include a covering letter with their full name, as well as e-mail and postal addresses. 其他所需资料 :所有参赛者必须包括一个涵盖信与他们的全名,以及电子邮件和邮寄地址。

    Award : USD 1000 for winner, USD 500 for first runner-up, as well as publication of winning cartoons in Himal. 奖 : 1000美元为赢家, 500美元作首亚军,以及出版打赢漫画在himal 。 All short-listed candidates will receive citations.所有短期上市的候选人将获得嘉奖。

    Closing date for submissions : 1 October 2008 截止日期为意见书 : 2008年10月1日

    Shortlist announced : 22 October 2008 名单公布 : 2008年10月22日

    Award ceremony : Shortlisted candidates will be compensation for travel to Kathmandu from anywhere within Southasia for a Southasian Cartoon Congress in November, where the winning entry will be announced. 颁奖仪式 :初步入选的申请人将赔偿前往加德满都,从任何地方南亚为southasian卡通国会在十一月,凡得奖将另行公布。

    Jury : Eminent persons representing journalism, academia and politics from around Southasia. 陪审团 :知名人士代表新闻,学术界和政治,来自各地的南亚。

    Contact : please direct all queries to surabhip@himalmag.com 联系方式 :请直接所有查询surabhip@himalmag.com

    Copyright : Himal Southasian retains exclusive right to reprint and disseminate all cartoons submitted to the competition. 版权所有 : himal southasian保留专属权利,转载和传播所有漫画提交给竞争。 Copyright issues surrounding already published cartoons must be cleared by the entrant.版权问题的周围已出版的漫画,必须清除所输入的。

    举报 回复

    # 128楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-08-31 20:02|

    第四届巴西帕拉瓜苏保利斯塔“一条龙” 幽默沙龙漫画大赛揭晓,中国侯晓强、金兴洙 、王瑞生漫画入选。

    举报 回复

    # 129楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-01 09:18|


    举报 回复

    # 130楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-01 16:28|

    第三次国际漫画竞赛(布勒伊拉) -罗马尼亚-2 008年

    参赛作品:最多 5件 。
    尺寸: A4规定( 210 x二百九十七毫米) -为A 3级( 2 97x 4 20毫米)
    截止日期: 2008年11月10日
    奖品: 伟大的奖-1 500€ 首奖-1 000€ 二等奖-8 00€ 季军-5 00€ 三,特别奖-3 × 3 00€ (每架)
    陪审团的成员: 都铎王朝octavian -艺评家 弗拉基米尔kazanevsky - cartooist mihai stanescu -漫画家 莱昂蒂讷斯塔塞-漫画家 科斯特尔珀特勒什坎-漫画家
    展览: 2008年12月5日
    目录:每个选定的艺术家将收到一份拷贝 备注:该工程将不予退还,  维护和促进传统文化的布勒伊拉
    工程应送至:The county center pulls for preserved and promotion traditional culture Buhler Iraq   The piata Tela raises 2 810153 Buhler Iraq to pull罗马尼亚

    联络资料: centrul_creatie@portal-braila.ro


    maria.puscaciu不含@ yahoo.com

    举报 回复

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-04 10:49|

    "World views on Europe" > Contest in journalism and cartoons “世界的意见,对欧洲” > 竞赛,在新闻和漫画
    Contest in journalism and cartoons 竞赛在新闻和漫画

    In the framework of its follow-up program of the French presidency of the European Union called ‘Get Europe to make sense: fair & responsible’, Coordination SUD, the national platform of French international solidarity NGOs, organises a contest in journalism and cartoons on the theme ‘World Views on Europe’, in partnership with RFI, TV5 World, the association ‘Cartooning for peace’, conducted by the French cartoonist Plantu.在这个框架内及其后续行动计划,法国的欧洲联盟主席的所谓'获得欧洲作出意识:公平与负责' ,南方协调,国家平台的法国国际声援非政府组织,举办一个竞赛,在新闻和漫画就为主题的'世界的意见,对欧洲' ,在伙伴关系与射频干扰, tv5世界,该协会'漫画的和平' ,进行了由法国漫画家plantu 。 The objective is to collect articles and cartoons inviting young people out of Europe to share their perception of Europe to feed in the reflexions and debates on the future of the European project.目的是要收集的文章和漫画,邀请年轻的人走出欧洲,分享他们的看法,欧洲饲料,在reflexions和辩论中,对未来的欧洲项目。

    Winners will be invited to participate in an international conference organised by Coordination SUD with more than 80 NGO platforms on October 30th in Paris and to meet European institutions in Brussels, in particular the European Parliament, the European commission and the country representations of member states.优胜者将被邀请参加一次国际会议,举办南方协调与80多个非政府组织论坛于10月30日在巴黎和,以满足欧洲各机构在布鲁塞尔举行的,尤其是欧洲议会,欧洲委员会和国家交涉,会员国的支持。

    The contest is launched through RFI’s branches in Africa, in Latin America and in Asia, in partnership with TV5 Monde and ‘Cartooning for peace’.竞赛是通过发射射频干扰的分行在非洲,在拉丁美洲和亚洲,在伙伴关系与tv5 monde和'漫画的和平' 。

    Please send your articles and cartoons before September 5th 2008 at: concours.europe@rfi.fr请将您的文章和漫画之前, 2008年9月5日: concours.europe @ rfi.fr

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-04 17:15|

    8th International Contest of Ecological Graphic Humor - EcoCartoons 2008 第八届国际竞赛的生态图形的幽默-e cocartoons2 008

    The «Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru» and the «Grupo de Apoyo al Sector Rural» convoke the Eighth International Contest of Ecological Graphic Humor «ECOCARTOONS 2008».该« pontificia大学catolica恢复秘鲁»和«体育德支助基地部门农村»召开的第八次国际竞赛的生态图形幽默« ecocartoons 2008 » 。 Caricaturists, graphic artists in general, amateurs and professionals are called together, without age limit from all over the world. caricaturists ,图形艺术家在一般,业余和专业人士,被称为在一起,没有年龄限制,来自世界各地。

    • The works must reflect ideas related to the subject of: Global Warming. •工程必须反映思想的主题涉及到: 全球气候变暖。

    • The artistic criteria that will be considered for the evaluation, is based on a representation of humor or aesthetically obtained whose language can be direct or symbolic. •艺术的标准,将被视为为评价,是基于一个代表性的幽默或美感获得的语言可以直接或象征意义。

    • The technique is totally free. •技术是完全免费的。

    • Each participant can present an unlimited number of works that must be sent by any of this two ways: •每名参加者都可目前无限数量的工程,必须发出任何这有两种方式:

    Via mail:通过邮件:

    format A4 (21 X 30 cm)格式的A4 ( 21 × 30厘米)
    Send works to:发送工程:
    GRUPO PUCP - ECOCARTOONS 体育pucp -e cocartoons
    Av. 视听。 Universitaria 1801 - San Miguel. Universitaria的1801年-圣米格尔。
    LIMA 32 - PERU 利马32 -秘鲁

    Via email:通过电子邮件:

    ecocartoons@pucp.edu.pe ecocartoons@pucp.edu.pe
    JPEG format with 300 DPI of resolution JPEG格式与新闻部的300号决议
    (The winners that send their works by email will be notified to resend by mail the original picture to the address.) (得奖者发送他们的作品通过电子邮件将有专函通知重新邮寄原来的图片地址) 。

    • The works must not contain textual elements. •工程不得包含文本的内容。 In the reverse of the work must be indicated the information about the author: name, local address, E-mail or Web address.在反向的工作,必须指出,有关作者:名称,本地地址,电子邮件或网址。

    • With the delivery of their works, each participant confirms  the acceptance of the bases of the contest. •与提供他们的作品,每名参加者确认接受该基地的竞赛。 The works will become part of the exhibition that will be made on the day of the awards ceremony, as well as part of itinerary exhibitions in cities of Peru and in different countries.该工程将成为部分的展览,定于当天颁奖仪式,以及部分行程展览,在城市的秘鲁和在不同的国家。 All works will represent their country of origin in the museum of graphic ecological humor of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.所有工程将代表他们的原籍国的博物馆图形生态幽默的pontificia大学catolica恢复秘鲁。

    • The jury will be integrated with members of sponsors institutions and enterprises, event organizers and the best representative personalities of graphic humor in our country. •陪审团将被整合与议员共同提案国机构和企业,事件的组织者和最好的代表人士的图形幽默在我们的国家。 The decisions of the jury cannot be appealable.决定陪审团不能提出上诉。

    • The deadline for sending works is October 30. The winners will be announced on November 13, in an official ceremony at the Cultural Center of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. •截止日期为派遣工程是10月30日。得奖者将公布11月13日,在一个官方仪式,在文化中心的pontificia大学catolica恢复秘鲁。 The organizers of the event will inform the winners by telephone, e-Mail or through the embassies or consulates.主办这项活动将通知得奖者可通过电话,电子邮件,或通过大使馆或领事馆。

    • The post delivery must be in flat packages. •邮政交付必须在单位的软件包。 Do not roll or bent your works.不卷或一意孤行,你的作品。 They must not be put in frames or glass.他们绝不能付诸表决,在框架或玻璃。 The organizers do not assume responsibility for damage of the delivery.组织者不承担责任,损害的交付。 The delivery costs will be afforded by the sender.交付的费用将由所提供的的寄件者。 Local post register on the stamp will be considered in the deadline.当地员额上登记的邮票将被视为在期限。 After that date, works will be refused.此日期后,工程将被拒绝。

    • Prizes: •奖品:

    First Prize: US$ 1,000.00 and honor diploma.首奖:美国$ 1,000.00和荣誉文凭。
    Second Prize: US$ 500.00 and honor diploma二等奖: 500美金和荣誉文凭
    Third Prize: US$ 250.00 and honor diploma.第三奖:美国$ 250.00和荣誉文凭。

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-04 17:40|


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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-08 08:34|


    The CIR (Italian Council for Refugees) and AFRICARTOON COMPETITION are organizing the press and drawing comics: TRAVEL WITHOUT BORDERS.局长(意大利语会为难民)和africartoon竞争正在组织新闻界和借鉴漫画:旅游无国界。
    For all designers in the world, refugees and immigrants in Europe (each designer has to send his resume and its coordinated).所有的设计师在世界上,难民和移民在欧洲(每个设计师派他的恢复及其协调) 。
    DRAWINGS: drawings should illustrate the topic of the contest.图纸:图纸应说明的话题竞赛。
    DELIVERY: drawings must arrive on September 30, 2008 by e-mail at the following addresses: ginobrs@libero.it and marisapaolucci@tin.it交付:图纸必须达成对2008年9月30日通过电子邮件在下列地址: ginobrs@libero.it和marisapaolucci@tin.it
    OR original drawings to: Marisa Paolucci, Via Rastrelli 167, 00128 Roma, Italy.或原有的图纸到:里保卢奇,通过rastrelli 167 , 00128 Roma ,意大利。
    The drawings should arrive in September 30.图纸应可寄达在9月30日。
    ABOUT THE COMPETITION: The new explorers of the third millennium go anywhere in search of new dreams and new perspectives on life.关于竞争:新的探险家的第三个千年的去任何地方寻找新的梦想和新的视角对生活。 Telling with the drawing (without words) histories of immigration and integration, disappointment and hope, life difficult in its own country and in the new country.告诉与绘图(无字)历史移民和融合,失望和希望,生活困难的在其本国和在新的国家。 The drawings will be on display to remind everyone the celebration of the 60th card of the UN on human rights, especially the difficult situation that many human beings must endure.图纸展览将提醒大家庆祝60卡的联合国对人权,特别是困难的局面,许多人必须忍受。
    1. 1 。 Regard without borders: women and homes without invisible Civil and Political Rights.对于无国界:妇女与家中,既没有无形的公民权利和政治权利。 The choice of who decides to leave or stay.选择谁决定离开或留下来。
    2. 2 。 Chemin invisible: the leak and the courage to seek a new life. chemin无形:泄漏和勇气,寻求新的生活。
    3. 3 。 Clandestine and asylum: the difficult path to show to be in danger.秘密和庇护:艰难的道路,以显示将处于危险之中。
    4. 4 。 Foreign destiny for the difficult construction of a multicultural society.外国的命运,为困难建设一个多元文化的社会。
    PRIZES: For the best design there will be a prize of 500 euros.奖项:最佳设计会有一个奖500欧元。 All the best designs chosen will be exhibited in the exhibition Journey Without Borders "Lucca Comics and Games" (100,000 visitors, the most important event of comic books in Italy, October 18 - November 2, 2008), since in Rome during the celebration the 60th anniversary of the UN Charter on Human Rights in December 2008, during the 2009 exhibition will be presented in all Italian cities.所有最好的设计选择将展示在展览之旅无国界“卢卡漫画和游戏” ( 10.0万游客,最重要的事件的漫画书在意大利的10月18日-2 008年1 1月2日) ,因为在罗马庆祝活动期间该60周年之际,联合国人权宪章,在2008年12月,在2009年的展览将介绍在所有意大利城市。

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-10 08:24|

    umo -第四国际漫画竞赛- 20 08年

    Announcement for the UMO - 4th International Cartoon contest, here is the summary, the details follow...宣布为umo -第四国际漫画竞赛,这里是简易程序,详情后续. ..

    Open to everybody向每一个人开放
    5 entries per participant 5参赛作品参加者每人
    No entry fee没有报名费
    Awards worth Rs 60,000/-奖价值60000卢比/ -
    Deadline: November 3rd, 2008截止日期: 2008年11月3日
    The UMO - International Cartoon Contest is held by UsabilityMatters.Org towards the World Usability Day .该umo -国际漫画竞赛是由u sabilitymatters.org走向世界的可用性天。 All the awarded and qualified cartoons will be exhibited on 13th November 2008 on the World Usability Day.所有批出的和合格的漫画,将展示于2008年11月13日对世界可用性天。
    Participation is open to all cartoonists from every country in the world.参与是开放给所有的漫画家,从世界上每一个国家。 There is no Entry fee.有没有报名费。
    Please go through the rules and regulations - and in particular - the conditions applicable to the intellectual property rights.请继续通过的规则和规例-尤其是-的条件适用于智慧财产权。

    Theme for the Competition 主题为竞争

    The wheel rolls on 车轮轧辊上

    Brief: How long can our planet feed in to all our living needs? 简介:如何能坚持多长时间我们这个星球的饲料在我们所有的生活需要? We have been thanklessly exploiting the mother of all resources for such mundane acts as driving to a shop just around the corner to buy groceries instead of helping ourselves with a short walk.我们一直thanklessly剥削的母亲所有的资源,这种世俗的行为,作为驾驶的一间店铺刚刚在街角买杂货的帮助,相反自己很短的步行路程。

    With so much exploitation already done in digging and boring our planet (the wheel of our survival) for its energy resources, we have punctured our own prospects of continuing the journey of human kind as long as possible.有这么多的开发已经做了在挖掘和沉闷,我们的星球(车轮我们的生存) ,其能源资源,我们有我们自己刺穿的前景持续的征途上人类的一种尽可能长时间。

    Its time to think of alternative energy sources, efficient means to control fuel usage, rethink transportation be it by road, by air, by water or into space to conserve energy.其时间,认为替代能源的来源,有效的手段来控制燃料的使用,运输予以重新考虑它的路,由空气,水或进入太空,以节约能源。 Reduce pollution and other ill effects of transportation.减少污染和其他不良影响的运输。 It's also time to think about efficient ways to optimize the usage of personal vehicles, by taking car/bike holidays, by encouraging mass transportation systems and by bicycling to as many needs as possible.这也是时间去思考的有效途径,以优化使用个人车辆,以私家车/自行车假期,鼓励集体运输系统和骑自行车为许多需要尽可能。

    All in all its time to think, live and practice greener ways of leading life on the run.所有在其所有的时间思考,生活和实践的绿化方式,领导生活的运行。 We invite cartoons which humorously communicate the seriousness of the theme, by rethinking transportation and thinking green.我们邀请的漫画,其中幽默地沟通的严重性主题,通过反思运输和思想的绿色。

    Awards and Acknowledgements 奖项及认知
    A jury will select the top 6 winning entries, the cartoonists will be granted a cash prize award of陪审团将选取前6比赛的得奖作品,漫画家将获得现金奖的

    First prize Rs.25,000/- (Rs. Twenty five thousand only)首奖rs.25000 / -( r s.2 5000只)
    Two second prizes of Rs. 2秒奖品的RS 。 10,000/- (Rs. Ten thousand only) each and 万/ -( r s.万只) ,每
    Three Third prizes Rs. 3第三次奖品的RS 。 5,000/- (Rs. Five thousand only) each 5000 / -( r s.5 000只)每
    Five Special mention awards. 5特别提及奖。

    An exhibition of the winning and short listed entries will be held and UMO will publish an exhaustive works report.展览获奖及短期上市的参赛作品将举办umo将公布详尽的工程报告。
    The jury and the judgment criteria 陪审团和判断标准
    We are in process of putting a jury of well-known professionals and socially active personalities.我们在过程中把陪审团的著名专业人士,积极参与社交活动及人士。 The names will be announced in due course, depending on confirmation.名称将于稍后公布,当然,这取决于确认。 For Judgment jury will use criteria such as creativity, humor, visual communication, presentation, persuasiveness, originality, cleverness, relevance of content and execution to identify the winner.对于陪审团的判决将使用的标准,例如创造力,幽默,视觉传达,介绍,说服力,原创性,聪明,相关的内容和执行,以确定赢家。

    Deadline for Submission 截止报名日期为
    Cartoon entries will be accepted through November 3rd, 2008漫画作品将接受通过2008年11月3日

    Rules and Regulations: 规则和规例:
    Entries : up to 5 cartoons per person 参赛作品 :多达5漫画每人
    Size (snail mail): A4 (210 X 297 mm) or A3 (297X410) 尺寸 (蜗牛邮件) :的A4 ( 210 x二百九十七毫米)或A3级( 297x410 )
    Size (digital): 300dpi and in dimensions that are suitable for printing 大小 (数位) : 300dpi ,并在尺寸,适合印刷
    Technique : free 技术 :免费
    Entries in hard-copy/paper will not be returned.参赛作品在hard-copy/paper将不予退还。 Entries in digital format may need to be re-posted if the resolution is not found good for printing.参赛作品的数字格式可能需要重新张贴,如果该决议是没有找到良好的印刷。
    Exhibition and Prize distribution 展览及颁奖分布
    On World Usability Day, November 13th, 2008关于世界可用性日, 2008年11月13日
    Submitting your entries 提交您的参赛作品
    Mail your cartoons keeping the competition name in subject line to usabilitymatters@gmail.com .邮寄您的漫画,保持竞争的名义在主题行中,以usabilitymatters@gmail.com 。 If you are sending through the snail mail, use the following address:如果您是要传送通过蜗牛邮件,请使用下列地址:
    UMO- 4th International Cartoon umo -第四国际漫画 Contest 竞赛
    UsabilityMatters. usabilitymatters 。 Org, org等
    202, Rahul Apts, 202 ,拉胡尔apts ,
    480-Phase 6, JNTU Road, 480期6 , jntu道,
    Beside Universal Bakery旁边的普遍面包店
    Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072, India kukatpally ,海得拉巴- 500072 ,印度
    ph: +91-9848861432 pH值: +91-9848861432

    Please mention a little background information about yourself that may help identify you with your work and the email id that will help us get back to you with any communication.请提一点背景资料,关于您自己的可能帮助确定您的工作和电子邮件的编号,这将有助于我们与您取得联系与沟通。

    Intellectual property rights 智慧财产权
    UMO may, in its sole discretion to use the art-work (images, photograph, written content) for any purpose, change, alter, amend, add to, delete from and otherwise modify, including but not limited to, any and all cuts, edits, rearrangements and other alterations, additions and deletions. umo可在其自行斟酌决定是否使用艺术工作(图片,照片,书面内容)为任何目的,变更,修改,修订,补充,删除和修改,否则,包括但不限于,任何和所有削减,修改,重排和其他改建,补充和增删。

    The responsibility for authenticity of all the submitted content, including the including the art-work and the personal information rests solely with the provider, and UMO will assume no role in case of litigations and copied works.责任的真实性,所有提交的内容,包括包括艺术工作和个人资料,完全与供应商,和umo将不承担任何作用,在案件诉讼和复制工程。 The involved parties shall have to settle the matter themselves; within the conditions the original work was published/ released.有关各方应具有解决这一问题本身;符合条件的原创作品出版/释放。

    We respect your privacy and will not be giving out, or sharing your personal information with any third party, for commercial or non-commercial use.我们尊重您的隐私权,并不会给予,或分享您的个人信息与任何第三方,为商业或非商业用途。

    举报 回复

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-10 16:27|

    Greekartoon "Luciano Pavarotti" Exhibit greekartoon “卢西亚诺帕瓦罗蒂”展览
    2nd International Greekartoon "Luciano Pavarotti" Web Exhibition 第二届国际greekartoon “卢西亚诺帕瓦罗蒂, ”网络展览

    Dear Artist,亲爱的艺术家,
    GREEKARTOON in further honouring "the master" Luciano Pavarotti, would like to announce an international web exhibition. greekartoon在进一步履行“师父”卢西亚诺帕瓦罗蒂,想宣布,一个国际网络展览。
    Permanent Web Exhibition: Open to all artists worldwide, cartoonists, caricaturists, painters, illustrators, etc, etc.永久的Web展览:开放给所有世界各地的艺术家,漫画家, caricaturists ,画家,插画等,等。
    Theme: “Luciano Pavarotti”主题: “卢西亚诺帕瓦罗蒂”
    Deadline: No deadline (Permanent Exhibition)截止日期:没有截止日期(常设展)
    Entries: No limit参赛作品:没有限制
    Technical Info: Any style, any technique, any size, any format, max 300 dpi will be accepted.技术信息:任何形式,任何技术,任何规模,任何格式,最多300个新闻部将被接受。
    All works will be publisched and displayed on Greekartoon's website at http://www.greekartoon.gr/ and http://www.greekartoon.com/所有工程将于publisched和显示greekartoon的网页http://www.greekartoon.gr/和http://www.greekartoon.com/
    Participators must send their works along with their biography and photo.参与者必须向他们的作品连同他们的简历和照片。 All artists can participate through E-mail by submitting their works to: support@greekartoon.gr with subject "Luciano Pavarotti"所有的艺术家能参与,通过电子邮件提交他们的作品到: support@greekartoon.gr与主题为“卢西亚诺帕瓦罗蒂”
    Please, feel free to send your works about Luciano Pavarotti to the attention of GREEKARTOON's IT Manager Mr. Nickola' van Karavanis at support@greekartoon.gr请,随时发送给你的作品约卢西亚诺帕瓦罗蒂,以注意greekartoon的IT经理先生nickola '范karavanis在support@greekartoon.gr
    If you need additional information and material about Luciano Pavarotti ( fotos etc.) contact us by e-mail at support@greekartoon.gr如果您需要额外的信息和材料约卢西亚诺帕瓦罗蒂(照片等)联系我们以电子邮件support@greekartoon.gr
    Thank You.谢谢您。

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-11 15:49|


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  • 邝飚发表于2008-09-11 17:51|


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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-12 08:42|

    一国际幽默艺术节-里约热内卢2 008年

    The National Drawing for Press Contest, integrating the I International Humor Festival from Rio de Janeiro, is destined to professionals that have published caricatures, illustrations and humor drawings on brazilian press.国家制定新闻竞赛,结合一国际幽默艺术节由Rio de Janeiro ,是注定要专业人士认为,已发表漫画,插图和幽默的图纸对巴西的新闻。
    There will be considered as press the publications, virtual or not, wich main content has a new's character, and are published by registred companies been journalistic or scientific.有将被视为新闻的刊物,虚拟或没有,主要内容有一个新的性质,并发表registred公司被新闻或科学。
    To participate on the Drawing for Press Award, the registered artwork must have been published between the dates August 11 , 2007 and August 11, 2008.参加关于制定新闻奖,已登记的作品,必须是被之间出版日期2007年8月11日和2008年8月11日。 Artwork that has been efectively requested or contracted by referring vehicle will be accepted, not been accepted the artworks published to artist's divulgation or for events.作品已efectively要求或合同所指的车辆会被接受,没有被接受的作品出版,以艺术家的推广或事件。
    Each artwork shall be registered accompanied by publications comproval, that has the specific date and vehicle, been through the original paper, or on a referring link to the original publication on the vehicle (the link must be available to access during the judgment of the Press Contest).每个作品应予以登记的陪同下出版物comproval ,即有具体的日期和车辆,已通过原文件,或在一个推荐连结到原来的出版对汽车(连结必须提供给访问期间,判断新闻竞赛) 。
    The Drawing for Press Award of the Humor Festival will hold three categories.绘图新闻奖的幽默艺术节将举行三大类。 Each participant may register three artwork on each category.每个参与者都可以注册3插图对每个类别。
    • caricature • 漫画
    • illustration •说明
    • humor drawing •幽默绘图
    Will be considered as caricatures the Works that portrait in first plan a personality.将被视为漫画作品的肖像在第一项计划的个性。 Will be considered as illustrations the Works that were published in support to analitical texts, scientific or journalistic texts.将被视为插图作品被刊登在支持analitical文本,科学或新闻文本。 The publication comproval of the illustrations shall bring the full referring text.出版comproval的插图应把充分所指的文本。
    Will be considered as humor drawings the works - comical cartoons, cartoons or comics - that were published autonomous, in distinct section, with no relation to other texts.将被视为幽默图纸工程-滑稽的漫画,卡通或漫画-即出版了自主性,在不同的区段中,与没有关系的其他文书。
    The registered works may have any size or proportion, with a maximus limit of 50 x 70 cm, been the ideal format 30 x 40 cm.已登记的工程可能有任何大小或比例,与一鲆限额50 x七〇厘米,一直是理想的格式30 × 40厘米。 The works may be original works or excelent quality prints.该工程可为原创作品或优秀品质打印。
    For been a published Works contest, the original character becomes irrelevant, although, on the final judgment the originality of the work will be considered, both on the art as on the content.对于一个出版工程竞赛,原有的性格变得无关宏旨,虽然对最终判决的原创性的工作将被视为,无论是对艺术作为对内容。 Although, previously money rewarded Works in Brazil cannot participate.虽然,先前的金钱奖励工程,在巴西不能参与。 The registration period for the National Drawing for Press Contest will be August 11, 2008 to September 15, 2008.注册期内,为国家制定新闻竞赛将于2008年8月11日至2008年9月15日。
    To participate on the contest the artist shall register on the official website of the event, www.festivalinternacionaldehumor.com , filling the gaps and receiving the registration number.参与对竞赛艺术家应上登记的官方网站事件, www.festivalinternacionaldehumor.com ,填补空白和接收的登记号码。 The registration number must be seen on the back of each participant work, along with the subtitle of the works.注册号码必须看到在背部,每个参与者的工作,随字幕的工程。
    After the virtual registration the artist shall send his (hers) participant Works on envelope to the address::之后,虚拟注册艺术家应把他(她)参加工程的信封地址: :
    Premio Desenho de Imprensa premio desenho德边
    Festival Internacional de Humor 艺术节国际幽默
    Caixa Postal 9001 邮政储金9001
    Rio de Janeiro RJ 里约热内卢的RJ
    22.270-970 22.270-970
    Works posted to be received by the event staff until September 15, 2008 will be accepted.工程张贴到收到活动的工作人员,直到2008年9月15日将被接受。 Because of the schedule of the catalog production this deadline will not be changed.由于附表目录生产这一最后期限将不会改变。 Works sent after the deadline or personally delivered to the organization staff will not be accepted.工程发出的最后期限之后,或亲自交付给组织工作人员将不获接纳。
    The registered works will pass on a Selection Committee, composed by the organization crew of the International Humor Festival and by invited experts on graphic arts.已登记的工程将通过对组成的遴选委员会,由该组织船员的国际幽默艺术节,并邀请专家对版画艺术。
    The selected Works by the Committee above will be analyzed by a Jury composed by five integrand with notable editorial experience and that will define those who will be rewarded.选定的工程由上述委员会将分析由陪审团组成的5积分显着的编辑经验和将定义那些谁将会得到回报。 The doubts not foreseen on this regulation will be decided by the Jury of the National drawing for Press Contest, which decisions will be sovereign, including with powers to redistribution of the awards on each category.疑虑未预见到在此规例将于决定由陪审团国家制定新闻竞赛,将作出决定的宗主国,包括与权力再分配的奖项对每个类别。
    The first place on each category will receive an award on the value R$ 6000 (six thousand reais).首先对每类将收到一奖,价值为R $ 6000 ( 6000雷亚尔) 。
    The second place will receive an award on the value R$ 4000 (four thousand reais).第二位的将获得奖励就值R $ 4000 ( 4000雷亚尔) 。
    Concerning to the values expresse don this regulation the taxes will fall upon as the legislation tax in vigor.关于向价值观表达唐本规例的税收将下降后,作为立法的税款活力。
    The jury will also indicate the top ten works on each category to receive the Catalog Prize, that will count on the official catalog of the event.陪审团也将表明,十大工程,对每类接收目录奖,那将指望得到官方目录的活动。 The top 30 works on each category, defined by the jury as runners up, will be exhibited on Centro Cultural Correios, integrating the I International Humor Festival, on the period between October 22 to November 23, 2008.前30名工程对每一类,其定义是由陪审团作为亚军,将展示在文化中心correios ,结合一国际幽默艺术节上,期间10月22日至11月23日2008年 The official website of the event will present a virtual gallery with the ninety finalist works.官方网站的活动将在目前的虚拟画廊与90进入决赛的作品。
    By the end of the International Humor Festival, the works in original art registered on the National Drawing for Press Contest will be returned by mail.到去年底,国际幽默艺术节,该工程在原注册的艺术,对国家制定新闻竞赛将被退回邮件。 With the possibility of a travelling exposition of the Drawing for Press Award, the devolution of the exposed works will be done after this travel, on dates to be divulged on the official website of the event.与的可能性,交通论述绘图新闻奖,下放外露工程将完成后,这次旅行,对日期将通风报信,对官方网站的活动。
    On the case that the organization staff, by reasons different to their will, be forced to change the dates, the registered participants will not be in damage, because the works will be returned on new dates that will be announced on the Humor Festival Website.关于此案,该组织的工作人员,由不同的原因,以自己的意志,被迫改变日期,已登记的参加者将不会受到损害,因为该工程将被退回就新的日期将另行公布对幽默艺术节的网站。
    Any other topics not foreseen or stipulated by this regulation will be decided by the International Humor Festival from Rio de Janeiro.任何其他议题,没有预见到或所规定的本规例将决定是由国际幽默艺术节由Rio de Janeiro 。 The registration on the National Drawing for Press Contest implies the total acceptance of the conditions above described.登记对国家制定新闻竞赛意味着总接受的条件,上述所描述的。

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-14 10:46|

    17th EURO-KARTOENALE KRUISHOUTEM 2009 - Belgium 第十七欧元- kartoenale kruishoutem 2009年-比利时
    17th EURO-KARTOENALE KRUISHOUTEM 2009: SAND, PEBBLE AND GRAVEL 第十七欧元- kartoenale kruishoutem 2009 :砂,卵石及砾石
    1. 1 。 Theme: “ Sand, Pebble and Gravel “主题: “砂,卵石及砾石 ”
    2. 2 。 The number of entries is limited until 5.项目的数目是有限的,直到5 。 They shall not have been exhibited or published before.他们不得已展示或之前出版的。 Works must be originals and any kind of graphical technique will be accepted, including digital artwork if they are originally signed and if the print is number one (manual numbered).作品必须是正本及任何形式的图形技术将被接受,包括数码艺术作品,如果他们原本是签署并如果打印次数是1 (手册编号) 。 Please use the Entry form请使用参赛表格
    3. 3 。 The works have to be sent to the following address:该工程已被发送到以下地址:

    EURO-KARTOENALE, WAREGEMSESTEENWEG 113, B-9770 KRUISHOUTEM - BELGIUM 欧元- kartoenale , waregemsesteenweg 113 ,乙- 9770 kruishoutem -比利时
    Our website will inform you if your works have arrived.我们的网站会告诉你,如果您的作品已抵达。 The list of participants will regularly be updated.与会者名单将定期更新。
    4. 4 。 The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (A4) - (8.268 x 11.693 inches).图纸应具有下列尺寸: 210 x二百九十七毫米( A4号) -( 8 .268x十一点六九三英寸) 。 The works shall not be provided by a passe-partout, neither be stuck on to a larger paper.工程不得提供一passe - partout ,既不是停留在一个更大的文件。 The drawing must bear, on the reverse side, the surname, forename and address of the participant.绘图必须承担,对背面,姓, forename和地址的参与者。 The drawings shall not bear subtitles.图纸,不得承担字幕。
    5. 5 。 By virtue of their participation, the participants authorize the organizers to publish some of their works that they have received (in the catalogue and for the promotion of the exhibition).凭借他们的参与,参加者授权的组织者公布了他们的一些工程,他们已收到(在目录和促进展览) 。
    6. 6 。 The following prizes are foreseen:以下奖品预见的:
    1st prize: € 1.600 + trophy 第一奖: € 1.600 +奖杯
    2nd prize: € 1.400 + trophy 第二奖: € 1.400 +奖杯
    3rd prize: € 1.200 + trophy 第三奖: € 1.200 +奖杯
    Prize of the ECC: personal exhibition in the ECC 奖,该委员会:个人展览,在ECC的
    Prize of the EU: €750 奖欧盟: € 750
    Best Belgian Cartoon: €350 最好的比利时漫画: € 350
    7. 7 。 By participating the participant lends his works to the organizers for exhibitions.参加参加借给他的作品给主办单位的展览会。 The works received will remain at the disposal of the organizers until 01.11.2010.工程收到的将维持在处置的组织者,直到2010年1月11日。
    8. 8 。 The entries will only be sent back by the organizers on receiving a written request.参赛作品将只被送回由主办单位在收到书面请求。 The awarded works will become the property of the organizers.获奖作品将成为财产的组织者。
    9. 9 。 If after announcement of the prizes, it appears that plagiarism has been committed, the jury can after deliberation withdraw the prize.如果后宣布的奖项,似乎抄袭,剽窃一直致力,陪审团可以经商议后撤回奖。
    10. 10 。 DEADLINE : 2009 February 15截止日期: 2009年2月15日
    Exhibition: during the Eastern Weekend and each Sunday from the 19th of April till the 21st of June 2009 – European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem.展览:在东部每个周末和周日,从4月19日至2009年6月21日-欧洲漫画中心k ruishoutem。
    Opening of the exhibition: Saturday 11th of April 2009.展览开幕:周六2009年4月11日。
    In order to receive the free catalogue, please attach six (6) coupons "international reply" to cover the postage.在以收到免费目录,请附上六( 6 )券“国际答复” ,以支付邮费。 These coupons are available in your local post office.这些优惠券可在您当地的邮局。
    The organisation wants to award a prize to cartoons on the theme “sand, pebble and gravel” (industrial materials, extraction and application).该组织希望奖颁奖,以漫画的关于主题为“砂,卵石及砾石” (工业原料,提取和应用) 。 Cartoons on the theme beach, deserts,...漫画关于这一主题的泳滩,沙漠, ... are not under consideration for a prize.是不是正在审议的一项奖。 You can find some more information or inspiration on the site http://www.groupdecloedt.be/你可以找到一些更多的信息,或者灵感,在该网站上http://www.groupdecloedt.be/
    Rules: wedstrijdreglement规则: wedstrijdreglement

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-15 10:39|


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  • 蔡联发表于2008-09-15 11:10|


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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-15 15:23|

    Hey Webmasters! New Photo Album Service Launched - Check it out! 嘿网站管理员! 新的相册服务推出-检 查出来!  

    48th Internationaal Cartoonfestival 第四十八internationaal cartoonfestival
    Knokke-Heist, Belgium Knokke - Heist ,比利时

    DEADLINE: 12.01.2009 截止日期: 2009年1月12日

    Prijzen - Prix - Preise - Prizes prijzen -大奖赛- pr eise-奖品

    1 Golden Hat - d’Or 3.500 € 1金光的帽子-新秀3 .500€
    (including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend) (包括fligth及酒店住宿在Knokke - Heist在开口周末)

    2 Silver Hat - 2.000 € 2银的帽子-2 .000€
    (including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend) (包括fligth及酒店住宿在Knokke - Heist在开口周末)

    3 Bronze Hat - 1.250 € 3铜的帽子-1 .250€
    (including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend) (包括fligth及酒店住宿在Knokke - Heist在开口周末)

    4 Knack cartoon Award - 500 € 四窍门漫画奖-5 00€

    5 Publics Prize - 2007 - 500 € 5公众奖-2 007年- 50 0€

    Please send your works to: 请将您的作品到:
    Internationaal Cartoonfestival internationaal cartoonfestival
    Cultuurcentrum Knokke-Heist vzw cultuurcentrum knokke - heist vzw
    Meerlaan 32 meerlaan 32
    B-8300 Knokke-Heist的B - 8300 knokke - heist
    Belgium 比利时

    Tel: 00-32-50-630.430 Fax:00-32-50-630.429 电话: 00-32-50-630.430传真:00 - 32 - 50 630 0.429
    e-mail: cartoonfestival@knokke-heist.be 电子邮箱: cartoonfestival@knokke-heist.be
    www.cartoonfestival.be www.cartoonfestival.be

    ANNUAL CARTOON CONTEST - RULES AND REGULATION 2007 一年一度的漫画竞赛-规则和规例2 007年
    1. 1 。 PARTICIPATION 参与
    This contest is open to anybody aged at least 18. 这个竞赛是开放给任何人年龄至少18岁。 By the simple fact of participating, all contestants accept the conditions and provisions of these regulations and agree to abide by the decisions of the jury. 由一个简单的事实参与,所有的参赛者接受的条件和规定,这些规定并同意遵守的决定陪审团。 There will be no correspondence about this competition. 将不会有任何关于此对应的竞争。 The Belgian law is applied as far as the tax on the prizes awarded to foreign participants is concerned. 比利时适用法律而言,税,奖品颁发给外国与会者关注。
    2. THEME 2 。 主题
    NO THEME (free) 没有主题(免费)
    3. 3 。 ENTRIES - max 5 cartoons 参赛作品-最高5漫画
    3.1 The entries 3.1参赛作品
    a) must be original cartoons; in black and white or in colour. 1 )必须是原创漫画,在黑与白或肤色。
    The drawings may also be made digitally, and submitted on a CD-ROM. 图纸也可数字化,并提交对一的CD - ROM 。
    b) may not as yet have been exhibited in Belgium, nor have won a prize at another festival. b )可能还没有被展示在比利时,也赢得了奖,另一节。
    c) may bear no captions c )可承受没有字幕
    d) must be sent 四)必须发送
    - either flat and not folded -无论是单位,而不是折叠
    - or not folded, rolled in a hard case -或不折叠,推出了在硬案件
    Remark: The entries (dimensions, number, etc.) and the registration form (signature, date of birth) which do not comply with the above mentioned articles will not be taken into consideration for the international competition and will be destroyed. 备注:参赛作品(尺寸,号码等)及登记表(签字,出生日期)不符合上述条款将不予以考虑,为国际竞争,并会被销毁。
    3.2 The participant will be responsible for the originality of his cartoons. 3.2参与者将负责为他的原创漫画。 Discussions and probable claims according all sorts of piracy and thus more are at the expense of the participant. 讨论和可能存在的索赔,根据各种盗版活动,从而更是不惜牺牲参与者。
    A : min. 答:民。 21 cm and max. 21厘米和MAX 。 42 cm 42厘米
    B : min. B组:民。 30 cm and max. 30厘米和MAX 。 60 cm. 60厘米。
    C : If the entry is submitted on CD-ROM, the cartoon size needs to be A4 or A3 format with a resolution of 300 dpi in TIFF-format. c :如果该项目提交的唯读光碟,卡通的大小需要得到的A4或A3级格式的一项决议300新闻部在TIFF文件格式。
    Cartoons already under glass, framed or on other materials than paper will not be eligible for the exhibition. 漫画已下玻璃的框架,或对其他材料比文件将没有资格申请了展览。
    5. 5 。 ENTRY FORM 参赛表格
    Your participation will only be taken into account if your entry form carries your date of birth as well as your signature. 您的参与,只会顾及如果您的条目的形式进行您的出生日期以及您的签名。
    Every cartoon must state the surname and first name of the author on the back. 每一个国家必须卡通姓和第一作者姓名,在背部。 Postage must be paid by the participants. 邮资必须支付的与会者。

    6. 6 。 PROPERTY RIGHTS 知识产权
    By the mere fact of taking part in the contest, the participants empower the organizing association to make use of their entries for promotional purposes on behalf of the “International Cartoon festival” and the seaside resort of Knokke-Heist (cartoon book, catalogue, publicity in the press and other media, posters, folders, calendar, official gifts by the local authorities and/or the festival’s organizers, etc.) 由单纯的事实,考虑的一部分,在竞赛,参加者授权组织协会,以利用其参赛作品为宣传的目的,代表“国际漫画节”和海滨胜地knokke - heist (漫画书,目录,宣传在新闻界和其他媒体,海报,资料夹,日历,正式礼物由地方当局和/或电影节的组织者,策划等)
    7. 7 。 JURY 陪审团
    Among the entries, a jury makes a selection for the exhibition and appoints the prize-winners. 其中参赛作品,陪审团作出了选择展览,并任命奖得主。
    Upon presentation of the receipt of their entries, all contestants will be admitted to the exhibition without charge. 经介绍在收到参赛作品,所有参赛者将被接纳展览不收费。
    All award-winning entries will become property of the organizing association. 所有获奖作品将成为财产组织协会。 The organizing association will have the option to retain one drawing at the most of every contestant whose work was selected. 组织协会将有选择保留一个绘图在最每个参赛者的工作,被选为。 Article 6. 第6条。 will be applicable. 将适用。
    10. 10 。 CATALOGUE / CARTOONBOOK 目录/ cartoonbook
    In cooperation with the “Davidsfonds Leuven” a catalogue / cartoon book will be edited according to the technical and financial means. 在合作与“ davidsfonds鲁汶”目录 / 卡通图书将被修改根据有关的技术和财政手段。 Selected participants are entitled to one catalogue. 选定的与会者均有权一目录。
    11. 11 。 RETURN MAIL 返回邮件
    As from this year cartoons will only be returned if this has been indicated on the registration form. 从今年的漫画才会回来,如果这一点已表示,对登记表格。
    The charges for returning such works as will not become the property of the organizing association will be borne by the latter. 收费返还这类工程不会成为财产组织协会将承担后者。 The organizers will endeavour to handle the return with the utmost care but cannot be held responsible for loss or damages. 组织者将努力处理好回报以最大的照顾,但不能举行,负责的损失或损害。
    CD-ROMs are never returned. 光盘是再也没有回来。

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  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-16 15:52|


    举报 回复

    # 145楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-16 17:17|

    48 。 Knokke-Heist International Cartoonfestival 2008 knokke - heist国际cartoonfestival 2008

    1. 1 。 PARTICIPATION参与
    This contest is open to anybody aged at least 18.这个竞赛是开放给任何人年龄至少18岁。 By the simple fact of participating, all contestants accept the conditions and provisions of these regulations and agree to abide by the decisions of the jury.由一个简单的事实参与,所有的参赛者接受的条件和规定,这些规定并同意遵守的决定陪审团。 There will be no correspondance about this competition.将不会有任何关于此对应的竞争。 The Belgian law is applied as far as the tax on the prizes awarded to foreign participants is concerned.比利时适用法律而言,税,奖品颁发给外国与会者关注。

    2. 2 。 THEMES:主题:
    A. No theme ( free)答:没有主题(免费)

    3. 3 。 ENTRIES -In total 5 cartoons参赛作品-在共计5漫画
    3.1 The entries 3.1参赛作品
    a) must be original cartoons; in black and white or in colour 1 )必须是原创漫画;在黑白或彩色
    b) may not as yet have been exhibited in Belgium, nor have won a prize at another festival. b )可能还没有被展示在比利时,也赢得了奖,另一节。
    c) may bear no captions c )可承受没有字幕
    d) must be sent四)必须发送
    - either flat and not folded -无论是单位,而不是折叠
    - or not folded, rolled in a hard case -或不折叠,推出了在硬案件
    Remark : The entries (dimensions, number, etc.) and the registration form (signature, date of birth) which do not comply with the above mentioned articles will not be taken into consideration for the international competition and will be returned to the sender.备注:参赛作品(尺寸,号码等)及登记表(签字,出生日期)不符合上述条款将不予以考虑,为国际竞争,并会退回给寄件者。

    A : min.答:民。 21 cm and max. 21厘米和MAX 。 42 cm 42厘米
    B : min. B组:民。 30 cm and max. 30厘米和MAX 。 60 cm. 60厘米。
    Cartoons already under glass, framed or on other materials than paper will not be eligible for the exhibition.漫画已下玻璃的框架,或对其他材料比文件将没有资格申请了展览。

    5. 5 。 ENTRY FORM参赛表格
    Your participation will only be taken into account if your entry form carries your date of birth as well as your signature.您的参与,只会顾及如果您的条目的形式进行您的出生日期以及您的签名。 Every cartoon must state the surname and first name of the author on the back.每一个国家必须卡通姓和第一作者姓名,在背部。 Postage must be paid by the participants.邮资必须支付的与会者。

    6. 6 。 PROPERTY RIGHTS知识产权
    By the mere fact of taking part in the contest, the participants empower the organizing association to make use of their entries for promotional purposes on behalf of the International Cartoon festival and the seaside resort of Knokke-Heist (cartoonbook, catalogue, publicity in the press and other media, posters, folders, calendar, official gifts by the local authorities and/or the festivals organizers, etc.)由单纯的事实,考虑的一部分,在竞赛,参加者授权组织协会,以利用其参赛作品为宣传的目的是代表国际漫画节及海滨胜地knokke - heist ( cartoonbook ,目录,宣传在报章上和其他媒体,海报,资料夹,日历,正式礼物由地方当局和/或节日的组织者,等)

    7. 7 。 JURY陪审团
    Among the entries, a jury makes a selection for the exhibition and appoints the prize-winners.其中参赛作品,陪审团作出了选择展览,并任命奖得主。

    Upon presentation of the receipt of their entries, all contestants will be admitted to the exhibition without charge.经介绍在收到参赛作品,所有参赛者将被接纳展览不收费。

    All award-winning entries will become property of the organizing association.所有获奖作品将成为财产组织协会。 The organizing association will have the option to retain one drawing at the most of every contestant whose work was selected.组织协会将有选择保留一个绘图在最每个参赛者的工作,被选为。 Article 6.第6条。 will be applicable.将适用。

    10. 10 。 CATALOGUE / CARTOONBOOK目录/ cartoonbook
    In cooperation with the" Davidsfonds Leuven "a catalogue / cartoonbook will be edited according to the technical and financial means.在合作与“ davidsfonds鲁汶”目录/ cartoonbook将被修改根据有关的技术和财政手段。 Selected participants are entitled to one catalogue.选定的与会者均有权一目录。

    11. 11 。 RETURN MAIL返回邮件
    The charges for returning such works as will not become the property of the organizing association will be borne by the latter.收费返还这类工程不会成为财产组织协会将承担后者。 The organizers will endeavour to handle the return forwardings with the utmost care but cannot be held responsible for loss or damages.组织者将努力处理好回报forwardings以最大的照顾,但不能举行,负责的损失或损害。

    PRIZES: 奖品:
    1 Golden Hat - 3.500 Euro 1金光的帽子-三点五零零欧元
    (including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend) (包括fligth及酒店住宿在Knokke - Heist在开口周末)
    2 Silver Hat - 2.000 Euro 2银的帽子-2 .000欧元
    (including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend) (包括fligth及酒店住宿在Knokke - Heist在开口周末)
    3 Bronze Hat - 1.250 Euro 3铜的帽子-一点二五○欧元
    (including fligth and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during openings weekend) (包括fligth及酒店住宿在Knokke - Heist在开口周末)
    4 Knack cartoon Award - 500 Euro四窍门漫画奖-五○○欧元
    5 Publics Prize - 2008 - 500 Euro 5公众奖-2 008年- 50 0欧元

    DEADLINE: 12.01.2009 截止日期: 2009年1月12日

    ADDRESS: 地址:
    CULTUURCENTRUM KNOKKE-HEIST vzw cultuurcentrum knokke - heist vzw
    Meerlaan 32, B-8300 Knokke-Heist meerlaan 32 ,乙- 8300 knokke - heist
    tel:+3250630.430电话: 3250630.430
    fax: + 3250630.429传真: + 3250630.429

    Entry Form

    举报 回复

    # 146楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-16 17:23|

    叶君获阿根廷第十三届国际沙龙南锥体共同市场第欧根尼国际漫画大赛单色图形幽默 组提名奖(第5名,共11个组类别)。

    举报 回复

    # 147楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-17 09:27|

    节里卡多rendon -哥伦比亚
    15 th International Cartoon Festival "Ricardo Rendon" - Colombia 第15次国际漫画节“里卡多rendon ” -哥伦比亚
    RICARDO RENDÓN: The most prominent Colombian cartoonist who was born in Rionegro - Antioquia (1894 - 1931), called "The Emperor" of the caricature.里卡多rendón :最突出的哥伦比亚漫画家谁是出生在里奥内格罗-安蒂奥基亚省( 1 894- 19 31),所谓的“皇帝”的漫画。 One of the most insightful and fine Latin American humorists of the twentieth century, in his humor was satire, was marked especially by the political cartoon.其中一个最有洞察力和罚款,拉丁美洲humorists的二十世纪,在他的幽默讽刺,是显着,特别是由政治漫画。 His caricatures were true radiographs of the facts and individuals.他的漫画,被真正的X光片的事实和个人。 He was a pioneer of advertising graphics in Colombia.他是一位先驱广告图形在哥伦比亚。

    International Cartoon Festival "Ricardo Rendon" is supported by the Municipal Administration of Rionegro for fourteen years in a row in tribute to Ricardo Rendon Bravo.国际漫画节“里卡多rendon ”是支持由市政当局的里奥内格罗为十四年,在连续在表扬里卡多rendon布拉沃。
    Conditions: 条件:
    The contest is open to all cartoonists of the world.竞赛是开放给所有的漫画家的世界。
    The closing date for participation in the contest is November 8, 2008 .截止日期为积极参与这项竞赛是2008年11月8日 。
    The topics of the contest are three:主题的竞赛有三个:
    EL FUTURO The future, My Future, immediate future, which meets the needs of man, sustainable future, the future political, social, economic, environmental. 下午futuro未来,我的未来,不久的将来,符合需要的男子,可持续发展的未来,未来的政治,社会,经济,环境。 How can the man in the future meet the challenges posed by changing all the technological advances, scientific, and cultural rights?如何能该名男子,在未来,迎接挑战所带来的改变,所有的技术进步,科学和文化权利? Everything concerning the future with its effects and consequences.一切关于未来其影响和后果。
    PERSONAJES FAMOSOS Celebrities, Famous people. personajes famosos名人 ,著名的人民。
    LIBRE Free. libre免费的。
    Each participant in the contest can submit a maximum of three cartoons per topic.每名参加者在竞赛可以提交最多3漫画%的话题。
    You can participate with cartoons in black and white or in color.您可以参加与漫画在黑白或彩色。
    The cartoons should have a dimension of 30 x 40 cms maximum.漫画应该有一个层面的30 × 40细胞质雄性不育的最高。
    You can also participate in the contest with cartoons that have already been published or received awards before, all the cartoons submitted must be originals , not accept photographs, photocopies, etc., and sending the works borne by the participant.您也可以参加,在竞赛与漫画已经发布或收到的奖项之前, 所有的漫画,必须提交原件 ,不接受照片,影印本等,并派遣工程所承担的参与者。
    Participants must submit a brief curriculum vitae and a photograph along with their works.参加者必须提交一份简历和一张照片,连同他们的作品。
    In the back of each cartoon must contain the name, address, telephone number and country of origin of the participant.在后面的每一个卡通必须包含姓名,地址,电话号码和原籍国的参与者。
    The selected cartoonists will receive a catalogue.选定的漫画家将收到一份目录。
    The jury is composed of Colombians and foreign cartoonists.陪审团组成的哥伦比亚人和外国的漫画家。
    The results will be announced in December 2008.结果将公布在2008年12月。
    The cartoons submitted in the competition will not be returned.漫画提交的竞争将不予退还。
    The organization reserves the right to not exhibit those works that might be offensive to individual or collective rights.该组织保留权利,不展出这些作品可能攻势,以个人或集体的权利。
    Participation in the competition implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.在参与竞争意味着充分和毫无保留的接受这些条件。
    The prizes: 奖品:
    Grand Prix Theme Future: $ 2000 大奖赛的主题,未来: $ 2000
    Prize Theme Personajes: $ 500 奖的主题personajes : 500元
    Prize Theme Free: $ 500 奖的主题,免费电话: 500元
    Special Awards for various institutions. 特别奖各院校。
    The works must be sent to:工程必须寄至:
    15° FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CARICATURA Palacio de la Cultura / Fernando Pica Cr 50 # 48 - 05, Rionegro Antioquia COLOMBIA 15 °节国际caricatura在Palacio de香格里拉文化 / 费尔南多异食癖铬50 # 48 -0 5,哥伦比亚安蒂奥基亚省里奥内格罗
    http://www.****/ http://www.****/
    info@**** info@****

    举报 回复

    # 148楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-17 09:59|

    土耳其主题“干旱及水”国际漫画大赛揭晓,中国巴.毕力格、郭忠和Xinying Hua入围大赛,以下是获奖作品。

    举报 回复

    # 149楼

  • 贾锐军发表于2008-09-17 10:07|

    波兰主题 “小渔船”国际漫画大赛入选名单揭晓,大赛组委会从世界各地来稿中选出94位漫画家作品,中国黄斌、贾锐军和张卫3位作者入选。

    举报 回复

    # 150楼